Black Boy Travel is a multi-purpose online space to 1) document my travel experiences as I learn more about international higher education while training at the doctoral research level, 2) to inspire people that look like and come from similar backgrounds as me to venture out and see the world, and 3) to reflect on my own learning, growth, and development as how I view the world changes thinking more in a global citizen context. Research shows that black male students are least likely to study abroad while completing studies at the undergraduate or graduate level. When thinking about my own reasons for not going abroad, finances immediately come to mind, but also fear. Fear of not knowing what to expect, fear of perceived and actual danger, fear of not making it back home to the comfort, my family, and my friends. In this space, it is my hope to combat that narrative through photography, critical and deep reflection, travel tips, and, of course, humor.

I hope my musings are found to be enjoyable! Thank you for visiting.